Neutered Male

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Birthdate: 2007


Dierks is a handsome Treeing Walker Coonhound. This boy is as sweet as they come. He was brought to the HHAF shelter in search of a new family to love him. Dierks enjoys spending time outside and lounging in the sun. He also likes the company of his canine companions.


Neutered Male

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Birthdate: 2007

Bentley arrived at the HHAF shelter with his coonhound companion, Dierks. He was wandering around the rural area in search of a family to love and care for him. This boy enjoys human interaction as well as hanging out with his doggie friends. Bentley is currently taking applications for a new forever family.


American Staffordshire Terrier

Birthdate: 2010

Sweet as Butter!!!

Butter is a young adult male(neutered) Staffordshire Terrier. He came to the HHAF shelter along with his doggie friend Biscuit as a stray. This boy is highlly intelligent and has basic obedience skills allready under his belt. He walks well on a leash and enjoys time with his human caretakers. Butter is currently taking applications for his new forever family.


Rat Terrier Mix

Birthday: 2008

Hello, my name is Tippy. I am an adult male rat terrier mix. Me and my best bud Puddin were brought to the HHAF shelter when after there was a death in our family and their was no one left to care for us. The staff here say that we are like two pea's in a pod. I love spending time in the exercise yard and cuddling in my soft fleece blanket. I am currently talking applications for my new family.


German Shepherd Mix

Birthday: 2012

Oliva is an adult weighs about 60 pounds. She is a beautiful girl that is loving and playful. Olivia is currently learning to walk politely on a leash. She is doing well. She gets along well with human's of all ages as well as dogs. She has not yet been cat tested.


Hound Mix

Birthday: 2010

(Currently in Fostercare)

 Frank is a loveable man. He loves to be petted and loved on. He loves everything and everyone. He is a very laid back guy and enjoys sun bathing. Frank also loves to sunbathe and eat dog buscuits. Frank is learning to sit and do other tricks.



Lab Mix

Birthdate: 2014

Lola was first adopted from HHAF as a tiny puppy. She was returned to our care in order to find a new forever family to share her life with. This wonderful active girl loves to play fetch and enjoys swimming and water sports. Lola would love to be your new best friend.


Jack Russell Mix


Birthdate: 2008

(Currently in Fostercare)

Baxter is looking for a new home. His previous family could no longer care for him due to no fault of his own. This little fellow is cute as a button and loves to be near his human caretakers. Baxter is approx. 5 years old and loves humans of all ages. He is crate trained and gets along with other dogs and loves to give cats kisses. Baxter is a very strong boy. He suffered a mysterious illness that left him paralyized in both back legs. With laser treatments and medical care, Baxter is back up and running. His movement is not as smooth as it was before although he gets around easily. He can no longer walk up and down steps or jump onto furniture as these activities are to dangerous for him. This little fellow is a true survior. He is currently recovered and in search of  permanant family to share his life with.


Lab American Pitbull Mix

Birthdate: 2002

 Britnee is a cute red lab/American pitbull terrier mix, born around the
middle of May 2002. She is a little shy when first meeting new people, but is
playful once she gets to know you. She likes to be petted and to play ball. She
is frightened of cats though. Britnee does not get along with other animals and
needs to be placed in a home where she will be the only pet.


Lab German Shepard Mix

Bithdate: 2006

 Caramel is a tan German Shepard - Lab mix female. She was born in June
of 2006. Caramel has found herself looking for a new home after her previous
owner could not care for her anymore due to his own health reasons. Caramel
loves to take walks. She is a very human oriented dog that loves to stay right
with her caretakers.


Boxer Mix

Birthdate: 2006

My name is Tawny and I would love to come home

with you and give you lots of attention. My birthdate is January 20, 2006. I'd like to have someone that would give me lots of attention in return. I am very playful and energetic. I am shy around men but with time warm up to them too.


Boxer Hound Mix

Birthdate: 2011

Stymie is a playful boy who was born around May 19, 2011. He is a boxer mix that loves to play, play, play. This  fellow is very social and enjoys attention from all his human caretakers at the HHAF shelter. He enjoys taking walks with the HHAF volunteers and playing ball.


Rat Terrier Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Birthdate: 2011

 Tac is an energetic and loving male rat terrier that was born around May 25, 2011. He loves to hang out in the HHAF exercise yard with his buddies. His favorite pastimes are playing with toys and relaxing in the yard. Tac is currently searching for a loving family to share his life with. He is learning to walk on a leash and enjoys the company humans of all ages.


Rat Terrier

Birthdate: 2007

 Oscar is a purebred rat terrier that is full of personality. Oscar enjoys taking walks and "hanging out" in the exercise  yard at HHAF. He would prefer a home without children as they tend to frighten him. He was born apprx. September 29, 2007. Oscar enjoys the company of other small dogs and ignores cats.


Birthdate: 2009

Neutered Male

Fiest Terrier

Ottis is a playful fiest boy. He never meets a stranger and seems to love everyone. Ottis is a small boy weighing in at 12 pounds. When his previous family found themselves forced to move and unable to take him with them, Ottis found himself at the HHAF shelter. He is currently taking applications for his new forever family.


Birthdate: 2014

Spayed Female

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Cinnamon is a stunningly beautiful red merle Catahoula Leopard Dog. She has found her way to the HHAF shelter in search of a new family to love and care for her. She has a very loving - sweet personality and seems to never meet a stranger. Cinnamon interacts great with humans of all ages, cats and dogs.


Hound Mix

Birthdate: 2011

Sammie is a bouncy loving boy. He has undergone balloon heart surgery for a malformed heart valve. His surgery was very sucessful and he is expected to live a normal life span. Sammie needs to take an inexpensive medication for the rest of his life. This boy is a miracle that is ready to bless a family with his love and excitement for life.


Beagle - Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Young Adult Spayed Female

Mabel is a young beagle mix girl. She was surrendered to the HHAF shelter when her family could no longer care for her. Previously she was crated for more than 15 hours per day and she is enjoying being able to stretch her legs and play in our exercise yards. Mabel is a sweet girl with loads of energy. She is learning to walk on a leash and is making progress on crate training. Mabel is in search of a family to love and play with.


Dashchund Mix

Young Adult - Neutered Male

Little Stumpie was found by the Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc. Shelter staff early one morning as they were arriving for work. It was obvious that he had been left on our property during the early morning or night hours. This little fellow was frightened and all alone until our staff scooped him up into the safety of our shelter program. Stumpie received veterinary care for some older wounds that could have come from being struck by a car. He is now searching 'high and low' for a family to love and care for him forever.



American Pitbull Terrier

Birthdate: 2014

Impulse is an adorable girl who is in search of an active home. She loves to play with her toys and enjoys interaction with all of her human caretakers here at HHAF. Impulse would like to have a family where she is the only pet so that she can enjoy all the human attention.


Neutered - Male

Chihuahua - Dachshund Mix

Birthdate: October 2013

Coconut is a little Chi-weenie boy. He is loving and enjoys playing with his toys and sleeping on a soft blanket or pillow bed. This little boy is searching for a new family to love. Coconut would make an awesome addition to anyones family.



Neutered Male

Birthdate: June 22, 2010

Mickey is as sweet as they come. This little fellow was transfered from the Randolph County Animal Shelter to the Happy Hills Facility. He loves to snuggle and is currently searching for a family to love him forever.