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Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc is currently one of only two state licensed shelter facilities located in Randolph County, North Carolina. The other shelter is operated by the county. Although many great strides have recently been made to improve the adoption programs at the county animal control facility, the county shelter still remains over crowded. For the past 40 years Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc. has provided shelter for the homeless animals of Randolph County and its surrounding areas. The foundation receives no government funding and is funded primarily from private donors, sponsors and volunteers.

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Click on Photo to Donate

About Us

Our mission:

  • Provide Nurishing Food
  • Provide Veterinary Care
  • Provide Love and Compassion
  • Find Responsible Loving Homes For Every Animal
  • Spay/Neuter All Animals In Our Care
  • Promote Humane Education and Special Programs
  • Promote Community Education
  • Reduce Pet Overpopulation In Our Area

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