24 / 7  Rescue Partnership Program

Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.


24 - 7 Monthly Partner Program


Animal rescue work is often done 24/7 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week), so we need your support 24/7 too!


You can help animals every day of the year by joining Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc. 24 - 7 Monthly Partner Program.


Your support will provide the guaranteed funding we need - when we need it most - 24 - 7.


There are many times when helpless animals need us to respond IMMEDIATELY - and when they do - we need to have funds in place to quickly respond to rescue them from harm.


By joining our 24 - 7 Monthly Partner Program, your donations will ensure that we can provide the safety of our shelter, veterinary treatments, nourishing food, rehabilitative care, and adoption programs.


Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc. does not receive any funding from state or local agencies but operates on private donations. To meet the needs of the growing community and its homeless animal population, we have established this program. This is an effort to bring in regular, reliable income to help pay expenses (such as mortgage, utilities, etc.) as well as continue to provide food, daily care, cleaning, environment enrichments, exercise, and emergency and routine medical care for the animals of HHAF.


The monthly amount of your pledge can be changed at any time and, of course, you are under no obligation to continue to pay should you find yourself unable.


Please help us provide rescue, sanctuary, and hope for suffering animals by joining this vital program today.


Suggested Monthly Levels


                                                $ 25.00                                                 $ 50.00


                                                $ 75.00                                                 $ 100.00


                                                $ 500.00                                               $ _____Other



Joining this life saving program is easy.

Contact Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.


            Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.

3143 Happy Hills Dr.

Staley, NC 27355






Become a 24 - 7 Partner!

Please Mark 24 -7 Partner Program on the memo line of your check


One Time Donations are also Welcomed


Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc. is a community based, 501(3)c nonprofit animal rescue group/shelter.

Financial information about this organization and a copy of it's Charitable Solicitation License are available from the NC State Solicitation Licensing Branch: