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Happy Hills was founded in 1982. Over the years many things have changed but one thing has always remained constant. That is a Life Long commitment to the animals in our care. We currently have 54    animals in our program. 60 percent of the current population of the HHAF shelter have been residents for 1 year or longer. These long term residents      require routine care in addition to care given during normal intake. This additional care includes, but is not limited to, monthly heartworm preventive, monthly flea preventive, annual vaccinations, required rabies booster shots, semi-annual de-worming, dental   cleaning and extractions, special diets, maintenance medications, and more. We know from experience that there is a home for everyone at the shelter. Some just take longer to find that special home than others. The care and quality of life for these long term  residents is foremost in our minds, as we are sure it is yours.


Financial information about this organization and a copy of it's Charitable Solicitation License are available from the NC State Solicitation Licensing Branch:      


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Basic Care:  $50.00

Routine Medical Care:  $100.00

Special Needs Care: $150.00


Prescription Diets

Dog - Canine 

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Aging Care Canned

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Diabetic Dry

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