Lab Mix

Birthdate: 1/1/2013

Spayed Female

Lola is a stunning Lab/Golden mix girl. She is a playful girl that loves tennis balls and squeaky toys. Lola loves to play and have her tummy rubbed by her care takers at HHAF, but still thinks its way cooler to just play with her tennis ball.


Neutered Male

American Pitbull Terrier

Birthdate: 2020

Spirit was abandoned on the HHAF property, Put out at the road by our mailbox with only a small plastic bowl of food. This boy is active and fun loving. He is learning leash walking skills and enjoys spending time with his human caretakers. Spirit is on the smaller side for a Pitbull weighing in at about 40 pounds.




Birthdate: 2015

Bellamy was transfered to our program from Rockingham Co Shelter. He was fighting fungal pnemonia that was very serious along with heartworms, an enlarged heart, and kennel cough. Bellamy has recovered from the pnemonia and kennel cough. He is being treated for Heartworms and will need to remain on medications for life due to his heart enlargement. Bellamy is a loving active boy. Very interactive with his human caretakers. Bellamy is searching for a long term foster home where he can live his life with a family to love.


American Pitbull Terrier

Neutered Male

Birthdate: February 3, 2018

Domino is a sweet and playful boy who is searching for a family to love him. He enjoys talking walks and playing ball with his humans. Domino is a young boy who has spent most of his life in a shelter envirnoment. His life experiences are limited although he is eager to please his human caretakers and enjoys being right with his humans.



Neutered Male

Birthdate: 2018

Benny came into our care after being found wandering the rural back roads of our county. He is energetic and loves to take long leash walks in the country! Benny is searching for a family to spend his life with.


Hound Mix

Birthdate: February 22, 2011

Sammie is a bouncy loving boy. He has undergone balloon heart surgery for a malformed heart valve. His surgery was very sucessful and he is expected to live a normal life span. Sammie needs to take an inexpensive medication for the rest of his life. This boy is a miracle that is ready to bless a family with his love and excitement for life.



American Pitbull Terrier

Birthdate: December 24, 2013

Impulse is an adorable girl who is in search of an active home. She loves to play with her toys and enjoys interaction with all of her human caretakers here at HHAF. Impulse would like to have a family where she is the only pet so that she can enjoy all the human attention.


American Pitbull Terrier Mix

Spayed Female

Birthdate: December 13, 2013

Currently in Foster Care

Joanna is a loving girl who enjoys taking leash walks and being with her humans. She is currently searching for a family to share her "love of life" with.



Neutered Male

Australian Cattle Dog Mix

May 13, 2015

Oreo is a sweet and playful boy. He loves to play, play, play. He is currently searching for an adult only family where he can be the only pet to call his own.


American Pit bull Terrier Mix

Spayed Female

Birthdate: March 13, 2015

Pepper arrived at the HHAF shelter facility in need of care and love. She had been on the rural roads of Randolph County alone for some time. This girl is eager to please her caretakers and is non-reactive to the dogs in our facility. Pepper is loving and enjoys taking leash walks. She is currently searching for a family to call her very own.


Lab Mix

Spayed Female

Birthdate: October 31, 2016 

Harley is a young girl who came to the HHAF facility as a truly "feral puppy" she has been working with our volunteers for sometime now and has made many great improvements and strides towards being ready to have a loving family of her own. Harley will follow cammands, take treats from your hand, and seeks out human interaction with her caretakers.


Lab Mix

Spayed Female

Birthdate: October 31, 2016

Charlie entered the HHAF facility as a feral puppy. She has made many improvements and is becoming more social with her human caretakers. She will currently take treats from your hand and approach when called. She is working hard to gain trust of humans and find a forever home where she can feel comfortable and loved.


Hound Mix

Neutered Male

Birthdate: May 26, 2017

James is a young hound mix who loves more than anything to play, play and play. He is cute as a button with loads of personality. 

James is currently searching for a family to call his own!


German Shepherd - Lab Mix

Neutered Male

Birthdate: July 2, 2014

Tucker is searching for an adult only family where he can be the only pet. He is a large bouncy boy and will need a fenced yard for safe outside time. He enjoys chew proof toys and loves dog biscuits and treats. He knows basic commands and is very intelligent and eager to learn.

Tucker is searching for a large dog experienced Adult only family where he will be the only pet.


Neutered Male

Rat Terrier - Corgi Mix

Birthdate: March 5, 2015

Flynt came into our care after spending his entire life outside alone in a kennel. He is learning to trust and accept love from his human caretakers. He enjoys being petted and is learning to leash walk


Spayed Female

Chihuahua/Fiest Mix

Young Adult

Minnie was transferred to HHAF from the local county animal shelter when her "time was out". Minnie was picked up as a stray by animal control and never reclaimed. This precious little chihuahua mix girl is loving and gentle. She enjoys time spend with her human caretakers, curling up with a soft fleece blanket and leash walking in the country.


Dashchund/Chihuahua Mix

Neutered Male

Birthdate: 2013

Stumpie is as cute as a button. He is currently searching for a family to share his life with. Stumpie is in need of an adult only family with small dog experience.



Beagle-Lab Mix

Neutered Male

Birthdate: September 12, 2019

George is a shy boy who found himself in search of a new family when his previous owner got married and no longer had time for him. George is leash trained, crate trained and would love an adult only family where he can be the only pet. 


Shetland Sheepdog Mix

Neutered Male

Birthdate: 2016

Joey is a very shy little fellow. He was brought to HHAF after living his entire life in an outside pen where he spent years alone. The pen did not have a gate! 

Joey is learning to trust humans and to walk on a leash. 

Joey is in search of a family who has experience with d.ogs that are building trust and gaing confiedence due to past trauma.


Neutered Male

Jack Russell Mix

Birthdate: 2011

Tac is a wonderful boy who prefers to be the only pet since he loves all the human's attention. Tac was surrendered back to our facility after being in an adoptive home for 7 years. 

This sweet boy is searching for a family to spend his life with.


Spayed Female

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Birthdate: 2014

Katie is loving and sweet. She is a real "velcro" dog who enjoys being with her people. Katies loves other dogs, cats, kids and adults. Katie is searching for a family who will commit to keeping her on a leash as she is not to be trusted in a fenced yard or off leash. Katie has a very adventous spirit and will travel if not leashed at all times while outdoors.


Spayed Female

Bassett Hound/Retriever Mix

Young Adult

Penny is a "happy go lucky" girl who has found herself at the HHAF facility searching for a family to share her life with. She was found abandoned on a local farm (hiding out in an old chicken house). This sweet girl is playful and loving. She is currently searching for a family to love!



Spayed Female

Birthdate: 2022

Snowflake is a loving and playful girl. She is searching for a family to spend her life with!


Husky - Akita Mix

Spayed Female

Birth Date: 2014

Hope is searching for an active family who enjoys spending time outdoors. She is fully leash and crate trained. She would prefer a forever family where she could be the only pet. 


German Shepherd Mix

Spayed Female

Birth Date: 2019

Bridgett arrived at the HHAF facility after being found alone on the streets of rural Randolph County. She was not reclaimed. Bridgett can be a bit shy when meeting new people, however she warms up to people fairly quickly. She loves playing with toys and taking leash walks with her human caretakers. She is fully crate trained.